Aquarius Compatible Signs

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius, the 11th astrological sign of the Zodiac, is symbolised by the Water Bearer. Masculine and extroverted, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and is an air sign. January 21st through February 19th are Aquarius’ dates, and they are astrologically compatible with Gemini and Libra. Aquarius likes and seeks attention and possess intelligence and humor.

The occasionally passive Aquarius runs the risk of being dominated by Aries, and procrastination, an Aquarius trait, will not go down well with the always up Aries. A lot of work will be required to make this succeed.

Taurus, due to their rigid adherence to family values and stability, will not take well to Aquarius’ preference for conversation and humane pursuits. Taurus’ passion won’t be quenched by the sometimes aloof Aquarius.

Both Aquarius and Gemini are social creatures, looking for outside activities. These qualities present an excellent framework for a successful, loving relationship. Long-term union a given. In fact, an almost sure-fire winner.

One of Aquarius’ compatible signs, social interaction, won’t please the conservative Cancer. Much disposed to staying at home, Cancer runs the risk of irritating the ready-to-go Aquarius. Could work, but always requires great effort.

Leo‘s attempts to rule any relationship with Aquarius will offend the democratic Aquarius, and although there will likely be a great physical attraction, differences in personality make this a less than ideal match.

An Aquarius compatibility sign, practicality, is in conflict with Virgo‘s sometimes overboard generosity. Virgo’s preference for introspection and efficiency also rubs Aquarius’ social ambitions in a negative way.

Diplomacy, Libra‘s strength, will serve them well in dealing with Aquarius’ frequent quirkiness. These two are suitable in many ways, and a long-term union, even marriage, is easy to visualise.

Scorpio won’t deal well with Aquarius’ frequent moodiness and unpredictability. Aquarius’ social endeavours will also clash with the innate reserve and privacy that Scorpio embraces. Friendship at best, and an admirable one possible if compromise is found.

A shared vivid imagination will be of great benefit to a possible Aquarius-Sagittarius match. Social and outgoing, both signs mesh in nearly every area. An excellent match, with marriage almost a guaranteed success.

Inventive, free-thinking Aquarius will rarely click with the controlling, conservative Capricorn. Aquarius needs a challenge, while Capricorn is, more often than not, content with a modicum of security. A 50-50 proposition.

Only an absence of demonstrative feelings sullies an otherwise ideal union between Aquarius-Aquarius. Their rationality and moderation precludes deep emotional displays, and as long as both accept this, odds are good for the long-term, although marriage could be iffy.

Aquarius’ ability to recognise and adapt to Pisces’ frequent depression holds the key to this pairing’s success. Aquarius-Pisces contains a very high drama factor, and therefore anything beyond friendship isn’t recommended.


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