Aries Compatible Signs

Aries Compatibility

As the Zodiac’s first astrological sign, Aries is considered to be the pioneer of the Zodiac, and therefore Arians like to be first in whatever they are doing. Symbolised by the Ram, Aries is a positive sign, often classified as being neurotic and task-oriented. Aries is also a fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars.

Born between March 21st and April 20th, Aries’ compatibility signs, in general, are with Leo and Sagittarius, other fire signs, while some air signs, such as Libra and Aquarius are also Aries’ compatible signs.

An Aries-Aries match would appear, on the surface, to be a recipe for disaster, but surprisingly, if both partners feel strongly enough about the relationship to sacrifice and are willing to consider the other’s feelings, it can work, but not without a LOT of work.

An Aries-Taurus relationship is similar, with the potentially biggest hurdle probably being Aries having difficulty adapting to Taurus’ deliberate, predictable nature which conflicts with Aries’ fun-loving, spontaneous nature.

Aries-Gemini unions can be very successful due to the many similarities between the two. Aries’ are intelligent and dynamic, while Geminis are one of the more versatile Zodiac signs. The Arians’ tendency to dominate is countered by the ingenuity of the Gemini.

Another union rarely recommended is the Aries-Cancer match. Cancer’s caution flies in the face of Aries’ natural spontaneity, and neither are good compromisers.

Because both Leo and Aries have a need to dominate, and neither easily share the spotlight, a Leo-Aries match, although perhaps successful at first due to their similar sexual attitudes, will eventually succumb to irreconciliable differences.

Although Virgo is inherently shy and reserved, the audacity of Aries may intrigue Virgo initially, but in time, Virgo’s finicky attitude will clash with Aries’ spontaneous outlook and doom the union.

Perhaps fireworks will occur at first with an Aries-Libra match due to the opposites attract phenomenon, but eventually Libra’s habit of idealising will turn Aries off and success will be difficult to attain.

Both Aries and Scorpio are too independent to allow for a harmonious union, although in certain situations, the sexual chemistry could be awesome.

One of the better matches exist with an Aries-Sagittarius union, especially sexually. Both are doers and share a common taste for the extravagance in life.

Aries’ spontaneity will probably doom an Aries-Capricorn match, since Capricorn is ultra-cautious and bottom-line oriented, clashing greatly with the Aries’ impulsiveness.

Aquarius is one of the Zodiac’s most unpredictable signs, prone to procrastination which is in direct conflict with Aries tendency to act with little or no regard for the consequences.

Perhaps the best match for Aries, Pisces tend to be needy and require someone to lean on, dove-tailing perfectly with Aries need to dominate.


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