Cancer Compatible Signs

Cancer Compatibility

The fourth astrological sign of the Zodiac, Cancer, is generally introverted and is a feminine sign, as well as being a water sign. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer’s dates run between June 22nd to July 21st. They are generally compatible with Scorpio and Pisces, other water signs, and are symbolised by the Crab. Possessing a natural artistic flair, Cancer is domestic by nature and can be occasionally moody and sentimental.

A Cancer-Aries match will begin very promisingly, but eventually a falling out occurs due to fundamental differences. Where Cancer is cautious and content to stay at home, Aries yearns to run free. Not recommended for the long-term.

Cancer-Taurus unions hold great potential, with Cancer’s innate need for attention served well by Taurus’ attentive nature. Each sign comfortably supports and nourishes the opposite’s shortcomings, and despite some core differences, patience and compromise could create a successful relationship.

Gemini is generally too flighty for Cancer’s domesticated nature, and being impatient, Gemini will soon tire of Cancer’s being content to sit and watch the parade go by. Gemini wants to lead the parade. Little long-term potential here.

Having similar characteristics is no guarantee for harmony, and a Cancer-Cancer match doesn’t meet the look test. Excess sentimentality leads to petty disputes, and the Cancer compatibility signs are far from conducive for this to succeed.

Leo-Cancer presents interesting possibilities, with the generous, regal Leo providing all the qualities moody Cancer requires. Cancer’s Moon meshes with Leo’s Sun, and as long as the sometimes arrogant Leo can exist with Cancer’s insecurity, a match could happen.

Cancer’s visceral instincts and close-to-the-surface emotions fly in the face of Virgo‘s analytical approach, but their differences can be overcome with discussion and compromise. Good long-term potential.

Libra’s inherent wanderlust clashes with Cancer’s domesticity, and Cancer’s conservative nature threatens to offend the extravagant Libra, but a connection is still possible, although never easy. A 50-50 proposition.

One of Cancer’s characteristics, the need to be nurtured and protected, falls perfectly into Scorpio‘s strength, the need to dominate and educate. Scorpio will need to recognise and attend to Cancer’s sentimentality. If that occurs, long-term success is a given.

Cancer-Sagittarius looks like a disaster, and without much determined work, a union is nearly out of the question. Cancer’s desire to stay at home won’t be ageeable with the hyperkinetic Sagittarius, leading to problems. Both need to look elsewhere.

Capricorn’s inconsistent attentiveness won’t sit well with Cancer’s need for attention, leading to conflict. Cancer’s compatibility signs are all nearly anathema to a true Capricorn, therefore, a pass is recommended.

Aquarius‘ fun-loving, spontaneous nature could possibly overwhelm the cautious Cancer, and Aquarius’ independent streak runs counter to almost every Cancer compatible sign. A match is possible, but unlikely.

Pisces-Cancer may be Cancer’s best bet for compatibility. Both are sympathetic, almost to a fault, and both know how to massage the other’s ego. Very good long-term possibility.


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