Gemini Compatible Signs

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Gemini Compatibility

The Zodiac’s third astrological sign, Gemini, is associated with Mercury, and it’s symbol is the Twins. An air sign, Gemini is classified as masculine and extroverted. May 22nd through June 21st are dates for Gemini, and one of their primary characteristics is versatility. Excellent communicators with strong opinions and a tendency to over-worry.

A good pairing, Gemini-Aries balance each other seamlessly. Aries’ need to dominate is offset by Gemini’s ingenuity and intelligence.¬†Gemini is adventurous sexually, and finds ways to pique Aries’ interest when otherwise there¬†would be none. With some compromise, an excellent match.

Gemini-Taurus starts off well, given Taurus’ love of artistic endeavours and Gemini’s expressionism, but Gemini soon learns that Taurus is not easily persuaded to step outside-of-the-box when Gemini lives outside the box. Not highly recommended for the long-term.

As odd as it may seem, Gemini-Gemini could possibly be the ultimate match. Both are passionate, playful, and in tune with each other’s needs and desires. Long-term compatibility is very probable.

Content to stay close to home, Cancer will find it difficult to co-exist with the impulsive Gemini. Although Gemini’s aura of fun will attract Cancer, their differences aren’t conducive for long-term compatibility.

Gemini-Leo have much in common, Gemini’s stability and charm able to pull Leo out of their frequent moodiness. The possible roadblock could be Gemini’s tendency to voice opinion too often, possibly a turn-off to the regal Leo, the Lion. A relationship is very likely, given time.

Virgo-Gemini will start off like a three-alarm fire, but Gemini’s indecision and sometimes mega-passion will offend the practical Virgo, leading to disagreements. Not a good match.

Libra-Gemini are well-matched intellectually and interest-wise. Libra’s intuitive nature accommodates Gemini’s twin personalities, knowing when to proceed and when to back off. A potentially excellent match.

A Scorpio-Gemini pairing would be a tricky proposition, although the beginning might be successful. Scorpio is prone to introspection, while Gemini strives for social acceptance, a definite obstacle. Gemini compatibility signs are few.

Almost total opposites astrologically, Gemini-Sagittarius will soon discover irreconcilable differences that will take much compromise to overcome. Neither sign is demanding, so, rather than working issues out, they allow them to stew and become bigger issues.

Dedication and caution on Capricorn’s part will not mesh easily with the capricious Gemini, although Gemini’s intelligence could serve as a distraction long enough to persuade Capricorn to be open-minded. Requires some work on both sides, but a relationship is possible.

A lack of jealousy and possessiveness on both sides of a Gemini-Aquarius match is a good sign. Aquarius’ neediness is counter-balanced by Gemini’s versatility and intelligence. Because of these positive Gemini compatibility signs, a good pairing.

Pisces‘ often deep emotionality will rub Gemini the wrong way, perhaps creating an unhealthy atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion. Pisces-Gemini is too risky and fragile to recommend a union.

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