Leo Compatible Signs

Leo Compatibility

The fifth astrological sign, Leo (the Lion), is a fire sign, masculine and extroverted, and is ruled by the Sun. July 22nd through August 22nd are Leo’s dates, and compatibility with other fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius) are generally recommended. The¬†Leo is a natural leader, and although generally open-minded, can be short-tempered and bossy.

Normally, with two leaders, problems arise, but Leo-Aries can work to form an admirable union as long as both learn to share the limelight and curb their aggressive natures. Volatile, but very workable.

Leo-Taurus share some similarities: stubborness and an extremely high sense of self-worth. Taurus’ caution and deliberative nature aren’t Leo compatible signs, and Leo’s extravagance clashes with Taurus’ conservative ways. Not recommended.

Leo-Gemini balance each other’s weaknesses remarkably well. Leo’s sometimes boastful attitude is tempered by Gemini’s gift for ridicule, and how Leo deals with this is a key. Good potential for success.

Leo’s strength and self-confidence dovetails nicely with one of Cancer’s compatible signs; insecurity. If Cancer allows Leo to be the leader and Leo can deal with Cancer’s unpredictable mood swings, a union is likely.

Leo-Leo is a mystery. Either it will work fabulously, or it will be a disaster of monumental proportions. There can be only one leader, and determining this title is more than crucial; it’s vital. Another 50-50 wager.

Leo’s success in overlooking Virgo‘s critical nature is the key here. Leo needs praise, almost to the point of worship. If Virgo can bite their tongue and deliver, a long-term match is in the cards, although not without some friction.

Libra‘s skill at tactfulness and strategy will serve them well in dealing with the Leo ego. Leo will naturally attempt to be the leader, and how Libra handles this will determine how successful a union becomes.

Good bet for a strong sexual attraction exists between Leo and Scorpio, and although both signs’ strong wills creates potential fireworks, a happy union isn’t out of the question, and a successful marriage a possibility.

A shared enthusiasm for adventure and discovery serves a Leo-Sagittarius union positively. Both are independently-inclined, and if both sides accept this, a very successful match is likely.

Organized and prepared Capricorn may be taken aback by Leo’s exuberance and ego, and Capricorn’s limited imagination isn’t a Leo compatible sign. Being nearly complete opposites portends an unhealthy match.

Leo-Aquarius are also virtual opposites, and Aquarius’ interest in all things worldly will clash with Leo’s interest in all things Leo. Take a pass on this union, as it will be a constant struggle.

Opposites may attract, but Leo-Pisces have too many opposites to recommend an attempt at a hook-up. Leo’s compatibility signs involving acclaim and praise won’t please Pisces’ quiet and timid nature.


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