Libra Compatible Signs

Libra Compatibility

Libra, the seventh astrological sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by Venus and is masculine, extroverted, and an air sign. Libra’s symbol, the Scales, signifies the Libra characteristic of diplomacy. September 23rd to October 22nd are the Libra dates, and are compatible with other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius.

Libra, being inclined to idealize┬ánearly anything and everything, is often difficult to satisfy, which doesn’t bode well for the Aries‘ tendency to become self-absorbed and intolerant of others’ needs. A harmonious relationship is doubtful.

Other than a shared appreciation for artistic pursuits, Libra-Taurus have little in common. Taurus tends to plan ahead, almost obsessively, while Libra is too casual, sometimes lazy, to meet Taurus’ sometimes unrealistic standards. Thumbs down.

Practically a flawless combination, Libra and Gemini are like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle: oddly-shaped but in the right position, a perfect fit. Intellectually and emotionally similar, Libra-Gemini is an excellent match.

Cancer‘s compatibility signs, inconsistent temperament and frequent mistrust, don’t mesh well with Libra. Cancer must refrain from being too critical, or Libra will be out the door. Too much to overcome to recommend a match.

Possibly a superb match, but Leo-Libra has to guard against Libra becoming too dependent on Leo’s strength. Libra’s compatible signs appeal to Leo. Could be a winner.

Libra-Virgo isn’t very promising, given Virgo’s fussy, critical tendencies which do not fit well with Libra’s fondness for pleasure-seeking. Also, Libra has expensive tastes whereas Virgo can be frugal to a fault.

Libra will go to nearly any length to avoid confrontation, and a Libra-Libra connection makes that quality twice as likely. Libra tends to be somewhat hectic as well, setting up a hectic relationship, not a good sign.

Caution and detail-oriented planning are characteristic of Libra, and this quality doesn’t juxtapose well with the dominant, sometimes impulsive Scorpio. Their differences may lead to an initial attraction, but it will be short-lived. Long-term prognosis: negative.

Libra-Sagittarius are both adventurists, which will serve any possible relationship well. Libra craves stability, while Sagittarius is always on the move. If that can be dealt with satisfactorily, a harmonious union is possible.

Capricorn‘s consistently strong work ethic will appeal to Libra, but Libra’s occasional laziness will certainly rub Capricorn the wrong way. Capricorn’s practicality will not find comfort with Libra. Give this one a pass.

Aquarius can be quirky, which may appeal to Libra’s warm, sensual nature. Aquarius cares little for other’s opinions, whereas Libra possess rabbit ears, hearing everything and frequently imagining slights. Learning to deal with this discrepancy will be key to a successful union.

Pisces often dwell in misery, something Libra will find difficult to accept. Libra will also find fault with Pisces’ neediness. Not recommended for the long-term.


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