Overcome Insecurity



One of the main reasons women have trouble finding the right man is insecurity.

All women find themselves in a relationship with a man who is not right for them. So why do they stay?? It all stems from their own insecurities and lack of confidence.

When you are in a relationship and you doubt whether or not it is the right kind of relationship, it most likely is not the right relationship. But you start to question yourself; will I find anyone else or I don’t want to be alone.

Below you will see some reasons that insecurity may be getting in the way of you losing the loser and finding prince charming:


-       You are afraid to be alone

-       You think this may be your only chance of love

-       You feel comfortable, but not in love

-       You are worried about what to do next

-       You don’t want to disappoint anybody

So if any of the above applies to your relationship it’s time to get out and move on. I know it’s going to be hard, but just find a good friend and support system to help you through it. Be assertive and know what you want. Another great idea is to take a break from the relationship to see if it was insecurity; if it was once you get out of the relationship you will slowly start to feel like a weight has been lifted from you.

So how does insecurity apply to your life if you are single and how can you overcome insecurity to make yourself more datable.

When you feel insecure about yourself it can be a real blow on your self confidence and we all know the most attractive trait for the right man is a confident woman, so how do you get rid of those insecurities.

The first thing to do is figure out what your insecurities are; write a list of all the things you would change about yourself. See below for a sample list:

-       Overweight

-       Hair problems

-       Skin breakouts

-       Been cheated on

-       Problems with job

-       Problems with family

Well how do you combat these, to start with you have to feel good about yourself before others will see you as a confident. So start with the things you have control of. Go out and get a great new outfit that you feel sexy and fabulous wearing, get your hair styled and your nails done.

Those exterior things will make you feel way more confident. Make sure the clothes you choose fit you well. You are better off wearing an outfit that fits you rather than one that is too small and uncomfortable.

If you have issues that way on your mind like the three at the bottom of my list, maybe it’s time to do some repair work. Speak with the family members you are having issues with and get things on your mind out in the open.

It will make you feel so much better and give a sense of relief that you are starting on the road to repairing the relationships. If you are having problems at work maybe you should start the search for another job. Don’t quit your job before you have found another one you do not want to add extra stress.

With regards to having been cheated on in the past, well girls the only real advice I can give for you is to start letting go. Not all men are cheaters and although it is hard to trust after you have been heartbroken, you have put yourself out there and try.

Although I cannot guarantee you will never be cheated on again, if you follow steps in my guide and blog posts you will have that man so interested in you he will look nowhere else.

It’s time to move on, let’s overcome insecurities and start moving forward to our goal of being wonderful, sexy, confident and SECURE in the knowledge we deserve Mr. Right!!

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