Pisces Compatible Signs

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces, the Fish, is the 12th astrological sign of the Zodiac, and quite naturally, is a water sign. A feminine, introverted sign, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and is predisposed to being compatible with Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces’ dates are from February 19th through March 20th. Pisces are characterised by sensitivity and a willingness to help others.

Pisces-Aries present interesting contrasts: Aries‘ vivaciousness and outgoing personality versus the inherent shyness of Pisces. Pisces tend to be followers, a quality that will intrigue the self-assured Aries. As long as both sides
accept their roles, a successful union is likely.

As with Aries, contrasts rule a Pisces-Taurus match. Authoritative and stable Taurus dovetails seamlessly with a prime Pisces compatibility sign, vacillation. Both appreciate the fine arts, which will serve them well. By any barometer, a relationship, even marriage, is favourable. 

Pisces’ close-to-the-surface emotions won’t mesh well with the often taunting Gemini. If Gemini can learn to submerge this tendency, a match has potential, but it’s a longshot.

A key Pisces compatible sign, sympathy, is also shared by Cancer. Both also share a great deal of imagination, although while Pisces’ tends to focus on dreams, Cancers’ is devoted to work and career. Blending the two together could provide the basis for a great long-term relationship.

Leo‘s flambouyance and domineering ways clash mightily with Pisces’ innate reticence and follower mentality. Pisces’ desire to remain in the shadows are in direct opposition to Leo’s spotlight-seeking nature and therefore a relationship isn’t recommended.

Virgo‘s habit of being over analytical and frequently critical could shatter any possibility of a Pisces-Virgo match, although friendship is possible, but tenuous.

Libra may be attracted to Pisces’ shy ways initially, but eventually Libra will find their needy ways distasteful. It’s nearly impossible to imagine anything beyond friendship here.

An almost guaranteed love-at-first-sight scenario, due to the two signs’ opposing qualities, Scorpio-Pisces appear to be made for each other, Pisces’ need to be led falling perfectly into Scorpio‘s desire to lead. A winner all-around.

Too independent Sagittarius will quickly discover Pisces’ need for stability and companionship to be at odds with the Sagittarius wanderlust quality. A difficult connection at best.

Capricorn’s stability and need to be admired fits seamlessly with Pisces’ craving for permanence and penchant for helping others. As long as Capricorn is able to be demonstrative with affection on occasion, give this match a big thumbs up.

Pisces’ need to constantly be shown affection won’t fit into the independent nature of Aquarius, and will probably lead to quite a bit of melodrama. Friendship is the best to be hoped for.

Putting two dreamers together isn’t recommended, but working together may produce a surprising strength and determination capable of accomplishing the unheard of. Pisces-Pisces is certainly worth an attempt, and has a good chance to succeed on many levels.


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