Scorpio Compatible Signs

Scorpio Compatibility

The Zodiac’s eighth astrological sign, Scorpio, symbolised by the Scorpion, is called a feminine, introverted sign. Scorpio is a water sign, and is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. October 23rd through November 22nd are Scorpio’s dates, and are considered to be compatible with Cancer and Pisces. Possessed of magnetic personalities and strongly opinionated, Scorpio is also passionate and possessive.¬†Scorpio-Aries share several¬†qualities, the most critical being a sense of independence and a distaste for being controlled. Needless to say, this will eventually bring about instability and a long-term relationship is highly unlikely

Stubborness and possessiveness are obstacles for a successful Scorpio-Taurus match. Taurus tries to possess physically, while Scorpio attempts to emotionally control. A match will work only with massive amounts of tolerance, compromise and patience.

Scorpio’s desire for privacy and purpose clashes with Gemini‘s inclination to be social. Scorpio likes to focus on self-improvement, while Gemini tries to live a full, active life. A relationship is possible, but probably too much to deal with.

Quiet-spoken Cancer will no doubt be attracted by Scorpio’s take-charge nature. Scorpio’s compatible signs in the area of being the provider will also mesh nicely with Cancer’s neediness. This may be Scorpio’s best match for a long-term relatioship, perhaps even marriage.

Scorpio’s sometimes short fuse is in direct conflict with Leo‘s casual nature, and both possess strong wills, and like to be in control. This may foreshadow difficult times ahead. At best, harmonious odds are 50-50.

Scorpio-Virgo have many similarities, but their differences will probably supercede any long-term success. Virgo’s sometimes argumentative trait will not sit well with the always strongly opinionated Scorpio.

Libra‘s carelessness will not blend well with one of Scorpio’s compatibility signs, difficulty forgiving. However, if Scorpio can dominate and Libra is accepting, harmony is possible.

A Scorpio-Scorpio relationship, at least a romantic one, is not recommended. Possessiveness is a Scorpio quality, and possession of one heart by two people doesn’t work. Avoid this scenario if at all possible.

Always ready to see what’s happening around the next bend, Sagittarius offends Scorpio’s sense of permanence. Sagittarius has many varied interests and their focus on them may offend Scorpio. A one-night affair at best.

Scorpio’s inventiveness will appeal greatly to Capricorn, and the patience of Capricorn will be needed. The combination of Capricorn’s organizational skills and Scorpio’s shrewdness is a match. This might be the best match overall for Scorpio.

Aquarius-Scorpio is a study in contrast, with Aquarius’ love of freedom and Scorpio’s stay-at-home nature possibly creating problems. Not a good combination.

If Capricorn doesn’t work out, perhaps Pisces will for Scorpio. The dependency Pisces seeks is right up Scorpio’s alley, and a relationship in any form will probably work, even marriage.


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