Virgo Compatible Signs

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo, the Maiden, is the sixth astrological sign of the Zodiac. August 23rd to September 22nd are the Virgo dates, and it is ruled by the planet Mercury. An earth sign, Virgo is usually compatible with other earth signs such as Taurus and Capricorn. Exceptionally intelligent, Virgo sometimes becomes too analytical, and are considered to be purists.

Aries-Virgo present an interesting contrast, with Aries demonstrating an impulsive, curious nature, while Virgo is more cautious and deliberate. Patience is of utmost importance for this union to work, and a 50-50 chance is about as hopeful as can be expected.

Frequently a love-at-first-sight pairing, Virgo-Taurus both share a quiet, low-key nature. One of Virgo’s compatibility signs, sharp intelligence, complements Taurus’ tenacity and determination well, leading to a very favorable match.

In Gemini’s eyes, Virgo is boring and predictable. Easily bored, Gemini frequently seeks amusement elsewhere once the thrill wears off. Perhaps Gemini-Virgo is good for a one-night stand, but that’s about all.

Personality-wise, Virgo-Cancer are nearly a perfect combination. The biggest hurdle will be a danger of too much caring. Both signs like to talk about big plans, but one or the other has to translate talk into action. A little better than a 50-50 success ratio, but not a lot.

Virgo’s quick tongue and sharp intellect run the danger of turning the self-confident Leo off, but Virgo’s compatibile signs of emotional passion and understanding nature mesh well with Leo, and a happy union is more than possible.

A Virgo-Virgo union hinges on one or the other Virgo learning to curb their instinct for finding and hammering home their partner’s faults. If the two can work out a compromise, Virgo-Virgo could create a wonderful match.

Libra‘s social ambitions will not please Virgo, while Virgo’s often critical nature offends Libra’s let’s-all-get-along temperament. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a happy Libra-Virgo match. Proceed with caution.

Virgo-Scorpio presents a unique pairing, but probably best served to all involved by limiting the relationship to friendship. Highly demonstrative and opionated, Scorpio will often frustrate Virgo’s desire for complete harmony.

Virgo’s desire for order and structure doesn’t fit well with Sagittarius‘ constant search for excitement and new experiences. Virgo yearns for long-term stability: Sagittarius wants adventure. Take a pass on this match.

Both Virgo and Capricorn seek domesticity, and both are basically conservative and possessed of great patience. Sexual compatibility may take longer to reach, but once it is attained, long-term prospects are excellent.

The contrast of Aquarius‘ optimism and imagination with Virgo’s somewhat darker outlook poses a dilemma that can be overcome due to each sign’s intelligence and desire for harmony. A good match.

Pisces‘ propensity for emotional experiences may cause Virgo to shy away, but the shared intellectual compatibility has a chance to overcome this rather miniscule obstacle. Odds for harmony are better than even.


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